Writing Tools

The tools I decided to review are Jet Pack and Grammar Byte. Jet Pack is useful in that it checks grammar, spelling, and style. It is very similar to spell check but is useful in places that do not have spell check or their version is not as detailed to add in style as something that it evaluates.Jet pack will also back up your work so it does not get lost. This is a feature that spell check and some other programs do not offer.

Grammar Byte is a site that covers a wide range of potential uses. It provides exercises, videos, lists of terms, online courses, presentations, and they will even review something a give you feedback. It can help with anything to a simple grammar question to teaching you everything you could need to know and testing your knowledge and grading your performance. It is also useful for people of all ages. There is more complex information for adults or people in higher levels of education and there are also things that are useful for the more simple grammar issues that can be used for teaching elementary level  or middle school level students. The website is on the simple side so it is very easy to use and there is little room for confusion while using it. Overall I found both of these tools to be rather useful and pretty easy to use and would recommend to others who need to write frequently.

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