Technology in My Life

Technology is a large part of my life and I believe that most people would agree that it is a large part of theirs as well. In this day and age technology is used for everything by people of all ages. But personally technology is used mainly just for three things, communicating, entertainment, and school work. I use it throughout the day to contact friends, teammates, coaches, professors,etc. I like it because of the simplicity and convenience from the aspect of communication. I can talk to anyone I could possibly need to from any where at any time. I do not have to go looking around or waiting for someone to have time when I can just ask the question or say what I need to say and get on with my day. Entertainment wise there is no question that technology has increased our access to every possible form of entertainment that there is. At any time of day or in any place a person can pull up their favorite form of entertainment whether it is music, a magazine, a book, TV, a movie, the list can go on and on with almost no end. Personally entertainment wise i use technology for music and streaming sporting events and other shows. And lastly there is school work. Technology has completely changed the way that that students do their school work. Right now for instance I am typing this on a laptop in my room rather than having to go to a computer lab to use one there or even having to hand write this and hand in a physical copy. But instead I am writing a blog on my own domain that I put together. And technology has changed the game when it comes to research. I can find any information I could need on any topic in a matter of minutes rather than spending hours in a library reading through books looking for little bits of information. So overall technology has made my life easier and more convenient in multiple aspects and I know that as technology advances the ease and connectivity will on increases with it.

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