Social Media Taking Years Out of Our Lives

The common thread between these articles is the fact that social media is taking up more of our day at an increasing rate. This means that we are spending more time on social media than many things that seem or are more important. In these articles it is stated that people will be spending over five years on social media in a life time. Time on social media is ahead of things such as eating and drinking, grooming, and socializing. It is incredible to know that if humans continue on this path that we currently are that more time in our lives will be taken by instagram, snapchat, facebook, etc. than time spent socializing in person.  This first thing that came to my mind is that this can not be true. How is it possible for people to spend more time on social media than with other people? Then I thought about it some more and it soon became apparent that regardless of if we are with other people or not we are constantly on social media. We could spend an hour in the same room as someone and not say more than a few words to them because we are so invested in social media. Even now as I am typing this I stop from time to time to answer a text or a snapchat. It is strange though because it is not like I have this burning desire to be on my phone, but it is at the point where I hear the vibration and look. And that is how most people live today, social media is not even an activity its just part of life and we use it without even thinking about it. This is why it has become so time consuming throughout our lives because it is now part of our lives and not just something to do when you have some free time.

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