Net Neutrality

The articles I chose were The Net Neutrality Debate in 2 Minutes or Less and Net Neutrality Prevails in Contentious FCC Vote. These articles are similar in that they mostly just state both sides of the argument, who is on each side, and why they choose to support that train of thought. In simple terms this debate is to decide what internet service providers can and cannot do.

Those who support Net Neutrality believe that if we just allowed the internet service providers run free that large corporations would just pay more and basically take over the internet. They say that smaller business would basically lose their online presence because the larger companies would be able to pay for better services and this would take away from smaller companies. This would also allow providers to provide their services at a lower quality to their competitors. This would basically force a monopoly in which ever field is involved. For example if there was no net neutrality a company such as Comcast could reduce the quality of Netflix service on their internet. This would lead to people watching less Netflix and more cable television which means more money for companies like Comcast.

Those who are against Net Neutrality are mostly the large internet service providers and some politicians. They say that if there is net neutrality there would be less investment in the spread of their services and internet quality would decrease. They claim this is because some companies use significantly more internet service than others and if the providers can’t charge them more so they can build a larger fiber optic network then the internet could essentially crumble. The problem with this is the problems that are stated above. With little to no regulations on how these providers provide their service they can do whatever they want or whatever they need to do to increase their profits. They could lower the quality of normal service and then provide a premium option that is no better than what the users use to have. And there is nothing that we as consumers can do because we would not just stop paying for internet. We live in a world that depends on the internet quite heavily and if there were no rules for the providers we would have not option but to accept whatever it is that they decide to. This is why we need neutrality. Not just for the businesses and corporations, but also for the average user.

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