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Not to my surprise when googling the name Bobby Ryan most of what came up was the professional hockey player Bobby Ryan. Then I went on to search Bob Ryan all that came up was information about the sports writer. I even tried searching Robert Ryan and most of the information that appeared was about an actor in the early to mid 1900’s. I did not find anything connected to me until the third or fourth page when I searched Bobby Ryan I found my high school football hudl page (website for highlights and film). This showed me that I am not an easy person to find through a google search. This is not necessarily any fault of my own it just so happens that I have a relatively common name that some people who are more famous than I am also have. There is not much that I can do at this point in time to surpass these men so for now it seems that if people would like to find information about me they will have to find a different way of going about it.

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