Medical Applications for 3D Printing

We are reaching a level of technology in which we can create new organs using 3-D printers and it is completely revolutionary in the world of health care. If we can make this a consistent practice the world would be a very different place. First the people who die every day way for organ transplants wouldn’t die because there wouldn’t be a waiting list because any organ that is needed could be made and surgically implanted into the patient. People with heart disease, cancers, you name it could just have the affected organ or area removed and replaced with an entirely new and completely healthy organ. Average lifespan would also increase greatly due to the as we age our organs begin to stop working or stop working as well as they used to, but now they can just be replaced. The amount of lives that would be saved is almost unimaginable. There are also potential downsides to this. As much potential good as there is for this there are problems that will be created if this becomes a practice. The first and probably most obvious is over population. If people live significantly longer and people no longer die from certain ailments then the population would increase a significant amount. This can cause food shortages along with a multitude of other problems. There would also be a lot of waste created from this as well. During the production of pretty much anything there is some waste and the amount that would be getting produced would cause a lot of new waste and in turn cause a lot of harm to our environment. In my opinion this practice should be used but only for certain cases. I am not exactly sure what these cases should be but there needs to be conditions that have to be met in order to receive this treatment or the harm that is caused will out weigh the good.


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