Is Online Learning The Answer?

In his Ted Talk Ken Robinson touches on the topic of education. He begins with the statement that humans waste their talents because they don’t even know that they have any. He goes on to blame this on education due to its structure. The lower levels essentially condition students for higher college. They never really help students find there natural talents. All of this leads him to the conclusion that education needs to be reformed and treated organically rather than industrially.

Online learning is a viable option to achieve the reformation of education. The regular classroom has hold backs such as limited resources and teachers can’t teach every differently based on there talents, but this could be easily achieved with online learning. Every student’s education could be completely customized for them. And it would allow them to learn however fast or slow they need to. And it could always change as they progress through the education process. This would mean that every person could get the education that is absolutely the best for them and they will live their lives to their full potential and our society would be much better off without the waste of potential.

When speaking of waste i don’t mean purely from a productive point of view. But so many people spend their entire lives hating what they do. If the education system helped people find what they liked to do and what they were best suited to do then more people would not just be working to get to the weekend and would enjoy what they do. In the talk Robinson says that if you tell some people to stop what they do for a living that they would answer with something like I can’t its part of who I am. If more people were this way we would live in a different world.

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