This article is focused on how in the future the posts that we make on social media could eventually be protected by copyright laws. This would cause significant changes in how we use social media. This is due to the fact that if there were copyright laws on social media today there would be thousands of infringement cases daily. Either the social networks would have to figure it out or maybe a third party but with all the retweeting and sharing that goes on on social media today it would be a mess. This would lead to either a change in social media or the crash and burn of social media.

This article shares five commonly believed myths about copyright laws. These are all pretty simple misconceptions that many people believe to be true. Examples include that if it is not explicit that something is protected by copyright laws that it is not protected and that if the author wanted their work to be safe that they shouldn’t have put it on the internet. This is important so people know when they are infringing when they may have thought otherwise. This will help protect mostly online works from the people who were unknowingly infringing on copyrights.

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