Converse v. Wal-Mart

This suit is based on the claim that Wal-Mart was violating a trademark that belonged to Converse by selling knock off versions of their shoes. Converse made this same claim against around 30 different companies and pretty much all of them gave in to Converse Wal-Mart is really the only one to fight back. They say that the toe caps, toe bumpers, and stripes that Converse claims to own are aesthetically functional so they should not be protected by trademark. Wal-Mart sees Converse’s suit as a way to extort money and remove competition so  people have to buy their shoes. We obviously do not know what Converse’s real goal is but one of them is definitely to remove the competition to increase their success. In the end Converse won the legal battle against Wal-Mart. This means that no one other than Converse can make shoes of that style. I don’t see this making people buy many more Converse shoes than before the suit personally. They were not overly popular to begin with and it was not due to the fact that all of those other companies were infringing on Converse’s trademark rights. In addition to basically creating a production monopoly on that style of shoe it makes the other companies shoes more rare and in turn more valuable. Now obviously the cheap versions will not suddenly become valuable, but the Polo version for example will become more desirable because many people have a fondness for Polo and use it as some type of symbol of wealth or class so they will be more willing to spend more money on their version of the shoe. This is just what I believe could happen but in reality only time will tell. Overall i do not see this suit as one that will have much of an impact on anything, but that is only my opinion and again we will just have to wait and see.

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