Article Analysis

These articles stress a few similar points. That technology and blogging should be a part of every classroom, students need to be more aware about their digital citizenship, and also why it is important for students to have their own domains and to have control over their work and scholarship. The first article mostly quotes teachers saying why they believe that the students should have domains, the process of the students learning how to use the domains, and why it is important for their students to use the domains.  Their reasoning for why it is important for the students to have a domain is so they have a digital presence other than social media in a form that they have complete control over.  This is because students lack control of most things in their lives. Both of the articles mention how students lack control over their own work that they do for school. If it is pen and paper work once it is handed in it could be never seen again. And if it is turned in online the is no work left once it is graded it just becomes numbers or they may be able to see it during the semester, but once the semester ends the school deletes the work because that’s what they do with the students old work. Both articles push the use of blogs and domains because the students own their domain and own the work that they decide to put on it. They will have everything that they write or create for as long as they would like to keep and make it visible to whoever they want.  The main point of these articles is that students need to have domain access so that they can have control over their work and that once they have the domain they should be able to do what they want to with it and not just writing assignments on a “blog” that only the teacher can see.

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