Technology Autobiography

Our generation is looked at by others as a group that grew up very reliant on technology. This may be true for some people, but it is not for everyone. In my case I did not use much technology growing up. I had things like ipods and i had a cell phone at a relatively young age but they spent most of their time on a shelf somewhere rather than in use. I would use it from time to time when I remembered that i had it but not very often. My technology use really started to increase probably when I was around twelve years old. That is when my peers started to get their own phones and I would use mine to talk to them, but it is very different now than it was then. At that time I would text to make plans and not much else and I did not spend very much time doing that. Now we obviously still text to make plans, but there is so much more involved. People can and do text for any possible reason at any time of the day. It has turned into another form of entertainment for some. They will text all day and night everyday just to amuse themselves. This is what I believe the majority of technology has turned into. They were created for many different reasons, but now they are all just used when people are bored. Phones for example were meant for people to talk to each other, in their simplest form, but instead people do almost anything other than talk to each other. It is all social media, music and games. I am not saying that this is wrong or that I am not part of the group that uses technology for entertainment. I am only showing how technology and the use of technology has changed in the past ten years. Ten years ago people, mostly adults, used laptops mainly at work and just for work. Now people of all ages use laptops for everything. To watch TV, play games, go on social media, listen to music, etc.. For example before i was working on this is was watching Netflix and playing music through my laptop. I believe this is how the majority of our generation uses our technology.And yes they are still used for work but the ratio of work to fun or entertainment is quite uneven in favor of entertainment. In my personal experience people spend much more time using technology than they did when we were younger myself included. I spend multiple hours a day using technology whether it is doing school work, music or whatever. And with this use I have learned more about technology and that only helps me used it more and use it better. That it one thing about technology once you figure out how one piece of technology works you can use most technology out there. I believe this with the improvement of our technology is what has pulled us into this lifestyle. The more we learn the more we use and are capable of using and than it gets to the point where we use technology almost exclusively. We use it for school now more than pen and paper. It is almost strange because I can remember a time when technology was almost completely banned in school, but now it is used almost exclusively. All of our homework, papers, etc. are all handed in online rather than physical handwritten copies. I can not even think of the last time i hand writ a paper and handed it in.  Technology has changed the way that I function in my day to day life and I think most would agree that it has changed theirs as well.

Social Media Taking Years Out of Our Lives

The common thread between these articles is the fact that social media is taking up more of our day at an increasing rate. This means that we are spending more time on social media than many things that seem or are more important. In these articles it is stated that people will be spending over five years on social media in a life time. Time on social media is ahead of things such as eating and drinking, grooming, and socializing. It is incredible to know that if humans continue on this path that we currently are that more time in our lives will be taken by instagram, snapchat, facebook, etc. than time spent socializing in person.  This first thing that came to my mind is that this can not be true. How is it possible for people to spend more time on social media than with other people? Then I thought about it some more and it soon became apparent that regardless of if we are with other people or not we are constantly on social media. We could spend an hour in the same room as someone and not say more than a few words to them because we are so invested in social media. Even now as I am typing this I stop from time to time to answer a text or a snapchat. It is strange though because it is not like I have this burning desire to be on my phone, but it is at the point where I hear the vibration and look. And that is how most people live today, social media is not even an activity its just part of life and we use it without even thinking about it. This is why it has become so time consuming throughout our lives because it is now part of our lives and not just something to do when you have some free time.

Article Analysis

These articles stress a few similar points. That technology and blogging should be a part of every classroom, students need to be more aware about their digital citizenship, and also why it is important for students to have their own domains and to have control over their work and scholarship. The first article mostly quotes teachers saying why they believe that the students should have domains, the process of the students learning how to use the domains, and why it is important for their students to use the domains.  Their reasoning for why it is important for the students to have a domain is so they have a digital presence other than social media in a form that they have complete control over.  This is because students lack control of most things in their lives. Both of the articles mention how students lack control over their own work that they do for school. If it is pen and paper work once it is handed in it could be never seen again. And if it is turned in online the is no work left once it is graded it just becomes numbers or they may be able to see it during the semester, but once the semester ends the school deletes the work because that’s what they do with the students old work. Both articles push the use of blogs and domains because the students own their domain and own the work that they decide to put on it. They will have everything that they write or create for as long as they would like to keep and make it visible to whoever they want.  The main point of these articles is that students need to have domain access so that they can have control over their work and that once they have the domain they should be able to do what they want to with it and not just writing assignments on a “blog” that only the teacher can see.

Technology in My Life

Technology is a large part of my life and I believe that most people would agree that it is a large part of theirs as well. In this day and age technology is used for everything by people of all ages. But personally technology is used mainly just for three things, communicating, entertainment, and school work. I use it throughout the day to contact friends, teammates, coaches, professors,etc. I like it because of the simplicity and convenience from the aspect of communication. I can talk to anyone I could possibly need to from any where at any time. I do not have to go looking around or waiting for someone to have time when I can just ask the question or say what I need to say and get on with my day. Entertainment wise there is no question that technology has increased our access to every possible form of entertainment that there is. At any time of day or in any place a person can pull up their favorite form of entertainment whether it is music, a magazine, a book, TV, a movie, the list can go on and on with almost no end. Personally entertainment wise i use technology for music and streaming sporting events and other shows. And lastly there is school work. Technology has completely changed the way that that students do their school work. Right now for instance I am typing this on a laptop in my room rather than having to go to a computer lab to use one there or even having to hand write this and hand in a physical copy. But instead I am writing a blog on my own domain that I put together. And technology has changed the game when it comes to research. I can find any information I could need on any topic in a matter of minutes rather than spending hours in a library reading through books looking for little bits of information. So overall technology has made my life easier and more convenient in multiple aspects and I know that as technology advances the ease and connectivity will on increases with it.